Practical Message

Coach Phinehas likes to distill his messages into practical powerful bite size points. He believes in equipping his listeners with practical tools, to help them know how to easily and quickly apply the tools immediately.


Coach Phinehas believes that everything we acquire is a result of mastering the principles and the tools necessary to acquire them. He has a unique way of connecting his message with timeless truth and principles that if engaged produce remarkable success.


The most consistent feedback  and endorsement that we receive regardless of the size of the event, is that Coach Phinehas message and sessions are purposeful engaging, fun and the audience always live inspired, challenged thought provoked and life transformed.


Coach Phinehas  is known for his profound way of relaying his message through paradigm shifting axioms and many relatable stories and experiences. His life journey has prepared him with a wide array of shared experiences that connect with his audience and brings a balanced approach of his message to people from most walks of life and background.


Coach Phinehas is one of the best motivational speakers who knows how to tailor his message to the audiences’ specific personal and organizational needs. Through his energizing, stunning delivery, he has a way to stir passion and motivate action towards the desired goals. He believes anyone can be more, go higher and reach further.


– Success Mindset
– Self Mastery and Self Awareness
– Getting Unstuck
– Winning Attitude
– Overcoming Failures
– Paradigm Shift

– Discover your Purpose
– Dream Actualization
– Peak Performance
– Secrets for Greatness
– Become Unstoppable
– Becoming the Best You

– Vision, Mission & Core Values
– FollowerShift
– Leadership Development
– Team Building
– Organizational Culture
– Embacing and Navigating Change


Coach Phinehas can skillfully adapt his message and topics to reach a wide array of audience in multiple disciplines and has spoken to several audiences including both in-person and virtual events

– Finance Companies
– Insurance Companies
– Sales Teams
– Leadership Conferences
– Fundraising Events
– Awards Events
– Retreats

– Middle Schools/High Schools
– College Students
– Businesses & Corporate Organizations
– Nonprofit Organizations
– Business & Executives
– Faith Based Organizations
– Unions & Associations

NOTE : The Content, Length, Message and Programs can be tailored for your specific event.

Typical Key note events are 45-60 minutes and Workshops are Half day or full day depending on the need.