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Potential that cannot be harnessed and developed remains latent and never fully benefits humanity. Our personal development strategy is to help you discover your true empowering identity and maximize your potential as you pursue your life aspiration and goals. Over the years in my journey of becoming, I have learned that success in my personal life was a result of pursuing my personal growth and having a personal development plan. Are you clear about what you want to accomplish in life and do you have the tools to get where you need to go? In the personal development coaching membership, we help you

– Gaining Clarity Of Your Purpose
– Developing and Adopting a New Mindset
– Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs
– Self-Esteem, Self-Image & Self Concept
– Self-Mastery and Self–Awareness
– Overcoming Self-Doubt and Personal Insecurity
– Getting Unstuck
– Learn How to Overcome Obstacles & Hardships
– Learning from Your Life’s Failures and Bouncing Back
– Having a Winning Attitude
– Increasing Personal Effectiveness
– Building Personal Confidence

1 x 60-minute Private Group Coaching Session Each Month

$59.99 /Month

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I have worked with hundreds of people in over 25 countries, and therefore I bring a vast perspective in my coaching whether it is to an individual, business, and organizations. In our One-on-One Coaching, you will have unique coaching experience in a safe high -trust environment that provides you with expertise and experience tailored to what you are of focus. My coaching approach is an integrative life transformation approach that combines the mind/body/soul to help you see your life as a whole entity, not a combination of individual parts. This subscription coaching offers you a focused and personalized personal or business attention, that will provide accountability, increase your peak performance, accelerate your results, and help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

$500 Per Month