Empowering you to Discover your Purpose, Maximize your Potential and Actualize your Dreams.

#1 Dream Actualization Expert

Dr. Phinehas is an acclaimed international speaker, an educator, life coach, mentor, leader, entrepreneur, change strategist and author of the popular book “From Dreaming to Becoming”.


Personal Growth and Development

Dream Actualization™

Change Management

Leadership Empowerment


What Other Leaders Are Saying

Ambassador Clyde Rivers

“Dr. Phinehas is one of the top leading voice on the topic of Human Development, the entire world needs to hear him.”

Brett Jones

“I recommend you sit down with this mind architect and let him take you through the process of building the “house of your dreams”

Susan Nichols

“Dr. Phinehas has practical and transcending tools for encouraging you to pursue the dream within you.”


Dr. Myles Munroe

“Dr Phinehas’ exceptional work is one of the most profound, practical, principled centered approach to the subject of fulfilling dreams.”

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